Louisville Aikikai encourages all who are interested in Aikido to visit the dojo and observe classes. 

  • In order to keep focus on the class and avoid potentially dangerous distractions, we ask that visitors remove shoes, sit, and watch class quietly without cell phones, pagers, food, or drink. Prospective students are welcome to participate in classes after completing a liability waiver.

  • Beginning students are encouraged to attend the Tuesday night/ Saturday morning beginner friendly classes before trying other classes.

  • Students must be at least 13 years old to practice unless special permission is given by the dojo manager. However, for students ages 13-15 parents need to stay for the class. Girls ages 9 and up are welcome to attend on Monday night.

  • The Joining Fee for Louisville Aikikai is $200 which covers your first 3 months of practice and includes a uniform.

  • Local club membership fees are $75.00 per month. Members get a $5 monthly discount for using the PayPal subscription option. There are additional discounts for using the 6 month or 1 year lump sum payment options. This allows you to practice in as many classes as you like.

  • Louisville Aikikai is a member of the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba (ASU). Membership is $45.00 a year for non black belt students and $75 per year for black belt students.

  • Women's self defense class is completely free of charge. This is a free service that we provide for the community. Donations are accepted but not necessary.

Payment Information

For those of you that prefer the convenience of electronic payments to writing checks and having to remember to bring them into the dojo, we have set up on-line payments here at the website.

Just select one of the options below and within a couple of minutes you will be squared away for more training.

Monthly dues
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12 month lump sum
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6 month lump sum
3 month join fee